Week 7 Blog: Detecting Frequencies That Changes Behavior

I want to create a story around detecting various sound frequencies that effect behavior and moods. It’s a controversial topic and somewhat of a conspiracy theory, but I thought it would be an interesting story in the real world if executed correctly.

In a sense, I think it’s already done in MRI scans or those experiments where scientists monitor brain activity during sleep patterns. Essentially, this would be the same thing, but the person is awake, and their brain activity/patterns/behavior is being monitored.

My hypothesis would be: “At different frequencies, the human body with react physically and emotionally.”

At first thought, I believed I would use the Sparkfun Sound Detector, (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12642) but then I realized that maybe that isn’t the best sensor to use. Or maybe it’s one that needs to be used, when the frequencies are playing?

I’m not for sure what type of sensor measure brainwaves, but I do think that the SparkFun Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor would be used as well to help measure the human body’s reaction to the different sound waves:






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