Week 6 Blog

“Donald Trump’s Alternative-Reality Press Conference.” would be a perfect, current story that might lend itself to the empathetic storytelling. Or even taking the same approach as Harvest of Change. Creating a virtual reality of the press conference, then enabling people to click on the individual reporters who asked questions, and turn the story into a 360 experience by showing Donald Trump’s reactions.


In regards to turning these ideas into a field test, I always want to take the behind the scenes approach in fashion with this. I actually want to somehow incorporate the empathetic storytelling into my brand, and show the process it takes to create a video. I’m not sure what my hypothesis would be, (I struggle in the hypothesis department), but I could see myself wanting to create a virtual reality and use regular video, instead of 360 video.

To measure the success rate, I’d probably send out a survey, or get feedback from a focus group.


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