Week 4 Blog Post

I definitely think 360 and 3D video will affect my future career. Fashion and fashion journalist are constantly incorporating new technology into their brands. I believe I will be directly affected since I have my company, and I want to somehow use this technology to my advantage.

After a bit of brainstorming I thought it would be cool to have 360 street style videos, where we, (The Naiive Team), go out and interview random people on the street who have cool outfits. The experience is immersive and the viewer can of course shop the looks we found, (that’s what The Naiive is all about; Watch, Shop, Wear!). I also think behind the scenes 360 videos would be great, especially if we are shooting an influencer. Great marketing move!

In regards to 3D technology, I haven’t yet thought about how I could incorporate this into my brand. Maybe if I had a clothing line? Still working on the brainstorming (lol).


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