Week 7 Blog: Detecting Frequencies That Changes Behavior

I want to create a story around detecting various sound frequencies that effect behavior and moods. It’s a controversial topic and somewhat of a conspiracy theory, but I thought it would be an interesting story in the real world if executed correctly. In a sense, I think it’s already done in MRI scans or those … More Week 7 Blog: Detecting Frequencies That Changes Behavior

Week 6 Blog

“Donald Trump’s Alternative-Reality Press Conference.” would be a perfect, current story that might lend itself to the empathetic storytelling. Or even taking the same approach as Harvest of Change. Creating a virtual reality of the press conference, then enabling people to click on the individual reporters who asked questions, and turn the story into a … More Week 6 Blog

Week 5 Blog

I’ve been considering what I would do for my field test, and I think tying reality-captured 3D models into the articles I write for my company would tie into the whole mission to produce interactive content that prevents buyers remorse, accurately displays clothing, etc. I could also create a story on the street style of … More Week 5 Blog

Week 4 Blog Post

I definitely think 360 and 3D video will affect my future career. Fashion and fashion journalist are constantly incorporating new technology into their brands. I believe I will be directly affected since I have my company, and I want to somehow use this technology to my advantage. After a bit of brainstorming I thought it … More Week 4 Blog Post