Week 3 Unity 3d

I was trouble saving my Unity Project (well, just the Build and Run). Every time I try to, Unity freezes and I have to Force Quit and reopen it. So what I did was go to Quicktime to do a screen recording:

What you’ll see when I open Unity on the screen it is what I was first working on. I lost the terrain when I tried to put in the sky so I started over. So, then you’ll see what I finally came up with which is my little Star Wars inspired scene. It actually ended up being sci-fi like because I struggled to add grass and a lake with my mountains (hence the random well just “chilling” with my planes. Let me know if you spot it!).

If you listen closely, once I press play you can hear the sounds of the planes getting ready to take off. I thought this was pretty cool in combination with my rotating sky.


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