Week 3 Unity 3d

I was trouble saving my Unity Project (well, just the Build and Run). Every time I try to, Unity freezes and I have to Force Quit and reopen it. So what I did was go to Quicktime to do a screen recording: What you’ll see when I open Unity on the screen it is what I was … More Week 3 Unity 3d

Week 2 Blog Post

In terms of social media, the level of expectancy has changed from users expecting a simple photo or video on a platform such as Instagram, to 3D technology like the A1array (“The A-1 Array is a multi-camera system that captures single moments in time and creates three-dimensional animations for instant sharing”), and cinematography taking the … More Week 2 Blog Post

Week 1 Blog Post

I plan on creating my future career, which is to own and run one of the top digital fashion publications. I think that VR and the metaverse of digital sets will directly impact my site and the way content will be delivered to users. With the usage of digital sets, I would be able to … More Week 1 Blog Post